The Mission of the American Ground Water Trust is to:

  • Communicate the environmental and economic value of groundwater
  • Promote efficient and effective groundwater management
  • Showcase groundwater science and technology solutions
  • Increase citizen, community and decision-maker awareness
  • Facilitate stakeholder participation in water resource decisions

Bringing People Together

The integrity of AGWT information and the effectiveness of our groundwater awareness programs are the foundation of our partnerships with local, state and national organizations and agencies. The AGWT brings stakeholders together to encourage open discussion about practical ways to develop, manage and protect groundwater resources so that sustainable economic and environmental benefits can be optimized.

Invest in the Future

More than 150 million people in the United States rely on groundwater for their drinking water. By the year 2050, there will be 100 million more people living in America . In addition to being a vital source for drinking water, groundwater plays a crucial role for American agriculture, mining and manufacturing industries. Each one of us has a role and a responsibility when it comes to ensuring that groundwater resources will be available for future generations. Invest in the future by supporting our education programs via membership, sponsorship and/or participation, so that we can achieve our mission and ensure that water sources are protected and that science is the basis for local, state and national water policy.
American Ground Water Trust (AGWT) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit education organization

AGWT Board of Directors

Fred Rothauge, Simms, TX - Technical Advisor, Hydro Resources
(Development and maintenance of large scale groundwater resources)

Kevin McGinnis, Lubbock, TX - President, Cotey Chemical
(Manufacturer of products to increase water well yield)

Jeremy Kuhn, Phoenix, AZ - Director, North America, Roscoe Moss Company
(Designer and manufacturer of water well casings and screens)

Marian Singer, Milwaukee, WI - CEO and Co-Founder, Wellntel, Inc. 
(Groundwater technology and information services)

Board Members:
Hughbert Collier, Stephenville, TX - Sr Vice President, Collier Consulting
(Geosciences, environmental and engineering services)

Chuck Hammock, Jr, Macon, GA - Professional Engineer, Andrews Hammock & Powell Inc.
(Mechanical engineering and geothermal consultants)

Shawn Harkness, Phoenix, AZ - Account Manager, CV Strategies
(Communications firm)

Scott Honeyfield, Amarillo, TX - Principal Emeritus, Parkhill
(Architect and engineering firm)

Tony Morgan, Santa Barbara, CA - Vice President and Principal Hydrologist,
Daniel B. Stephens & Associates, Inc.
(Professional services in hydrology, the geosciences, and environmental engineering and science)

Ron Peterson, Elsinore, UT - Drilling Product Line Specialist, Mountainland Supply
(Well construction, well drilling and drilling fluids management)

Kriss Schneider, St. Paul, OR - President, Schneider Water Services
(Water systems service provider including sales, installation and service)


 Sara Chudnoff, Program Director

Sara is the Program Director of the American Ground Water Trust and is also a Hydrogeologist. She has been working in the water resources and environmental field in New Mexico since the early 2000s. As a consulting scientist, she worked on projects from methane monitoring and reporting to hydrogeologic investigations and well design. In 2009, Sara left her regulartory role with the State and stared working with Bernalillo County. In this position, she worked with hundreds of residents monitoring water levels and promoting outreach and education. At the New Mexico Bureau of Geology, she took this model to work on a State-Wide Groundwater Level Monitoring Network. Sara facilitates educational outreach for watershed health with the local school district and provides water resource consulting in New Mexico. She has a B.S. in Geology from New Mexico Tech and a M.S. in Water Resources from the University of New Mexico.

  Andrew Stone, Hydrogeologist, Technical Advisor

Andrew Stone is a hydrogeology graduate from University College, London. He has over thirty-five years of groundwater experience in Africa and the U.S. as a university professor, groundwater consultant and groundwater advocate & educator. From 1990 to 2003, he taught an annual course on Groundwater Protection Policy at Antioch New England University. In recognition of his work in promoting groundwater resource education in the U.S., he received the 1998 National Ground Water Association “Oliver Award” for outstanding contributions to the groundwater industry. His work with the AGWT has involved convening over 275 “information-exchange” conferences and workshops focused on groundwater issues. He has organized over 70 “Groundwater Institutes” that have trained more than 2,000 science teachers and educators on water resources issues and the basics of hydrology. 

For information or questions about the American Ground Water Trust, email trustinfo@agwt.org or call 603 228-5444.