Memorial Donation - Ben Everson

Memorial Donation

in Honor of 

Ben Everson

Ben Everson was associated with the Laval Corporation for more than 45 years in various manufacturing and sales management capacities including the Presidency of Laval Underground Surveys during the time that LUS developed the use of television for water-well and pipeline inspection, as well as what is now known as the Insituform process for trench-less relining of pipelines.

 Ben was one of the pioneers in the development of “down-hole” cameras for viewing inside water wells.  In recognition of his long service to the Laval Corporation, the company funds a scholarship in his name that has been awarded annually since 1998 by the American Ground Water Trust to an entry level student planning a career in the ground water industry.  

 Ben Everson passed away after a short illness on Friday, April 20th, 2007.  He was born on December 2, 1916 in Bath , South Dakota .  During his youth, he developed a love for sports and animals, especially horses.  Both of these interests continued through-out his life.  He participated in football, baseball, basket-ball and track in South Dakota .  He enjoyed watching his children and grandchildren participate in a variety of sports in his later years.  He moved to California in 1941 to work for the Lockheed Corporation in Los Angeles .  He married Catherine Maloney, also of South Dakota in 1942 moving to Fresno. Ben worked in various management positions  for Vendo, AV Electronics and Underground Surveys, which he eventually owned before selling it back to Laval in 1987.  After his retirement, he continued as a consultant for Laval Underground Surveys for approximately ten years.  Ben instilled in his children, grandchildren and all that worked with him over the years a sense of fairness, a strong work ethic and personal responsibility.  He will be greatly missed by all who know him.


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