Memorial Donation - Michael Piotrowski

Memorial Donation

in Honor of

Michael Piotrowski

 Michael "Mike" R. Piotrowski, Ph.D. was an internationally recognized technological leader in the application of biological technologies for treatment of contaminated groundwater and soils. He excelled at developing innovative solutions. His remedial designs received awards of engineering excellence, including former Vice President Al Gore's "Golden Hammer" Award for significantly reducing government costs for the cleanup of a former military site in American Samoa .

     Dr. Piotrowski was also an accomplished teacher whose students included government regulators, private industry, environmental consultants, college students and concerned citizens.

     Dr. Piotrowski was the founder of the firm Matrix Remedial Technologies, Colorado , and had recently joined the company de maximis, inc., an environmental project management firm.

     His education included: Ph.D., Biology/Biogeochemistry, Boston University Marine Program; 1989 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Woods Hole, MA: 1976-1977; Cornell University , Ithaca , NY : B.S., Ecology, 1974.

A memorial donation provides a meaningful way to remember a special person. 

Memorial donations for Michael Piotrowski will be applied to support the 
American Ground Water Trust’s ground water education programs.



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