NEWS – August 2014 – Maximizing water well performance, Hebron, KY

The well and pump workshop held in Hebron KY (Cincinnati OH) August  was the 52nd time the program has been held (24 different states and in British Columbia). The program series has a focus on the end-users of high-yield wells.  The objective of the workshop is to show how corect well design, pump selection and operation protocols can maximize water yield while minimizing the energy costs of pumping.  When a well’s yield declines, operators must first decide if it is the well, the aquifer or the pump that is causing the problem.  Chemical encrustation and biological growth in a well may restrict water inflow.  Diagnosing the situation and applying remedial action (rehabilitation)  may be the answer and the workshop program covers how to make the correct identifaction of the cause and to apply the appropriate remedy.  More importantly, the workshop emphasises how proactive maintenance and careful data collection can prolong the efective life of a well and delay the need for replacement.  In the last three years the program has included presentaions on the rapidly expanding technology of computerized well and well-field operations involving variable speed drive technology. Compaies who help underwrite the costs of this workshop series include: Goulds/Xylem, Baroid, Cotey Chemical, Roscoe Moss, Shannon & Wilson, HoseSolutions, Preferred Pump and Yaskawa.  The AGWT could not present this workshop series without the sponsorship support of these companies.