NEWS – December 2014 – Aquifer Management, Denver, Colorado


Aided by the support of cooperating organizations (see logos below), the American Ground Water Trust December Conference in Denver brought legislators and water specialists to focus on water management challenges for groundwater sustainability in Colorado. The conference attempted to answer four main questions.

  • How important are Colorado’s aquifers in providing water supply security for citizens and the state’s economy?
  • Over what time period and under what pumping conditions are Colorado’s groundwater resources sustainable?
  • Do the different conditions in the aquifers of the major river basins, the fractured rock of the Front Range, the Ogallala in eastern Colorado and the geologically defined Denver Basin require different strategies to achieve sustainability?
  • What legislation may be needed to be certain that oversight of pumping withdrawals and aquifer recharge activities result in basin-wide sustainability objectives that optimize beneficial use and also ensure that the state’s groundwater savings accounts are maintained?

The American Ground Water Trust believes it is important to involve legislators in technical conferences so that the science and engineering aspects of water management issues can be better integrated with policy decisions. The next AGWT Colorado aquifer management conference will be held in Denver in December 2015.
Seven Colorado legislators (pictured below) participated in the program as panelists and as session leaders.  The main subject of the legislative panel was “Are water management legislative changes needed or expected in the 2015 session? “















Organizations supporting the 2014 conference as cooperators: