NEWS – February 2014 – “Need to Measure in order to Manage”, Ontario, CA

The annual two-day aquifer management conference organized jointly by the Association of Ground Water Agencies and the American Ground Water Trust included presentations and panel discussion about the need to monitor and record data on aquifer levels throughout the state.. Discussion about The California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Program (CASGEM) was just one of the topics covered by six panels of experts on the program. Tony Zampiello, (photo) Executive Officer, Main San Gabriel Basin Watermaster and President of the Association of Ground Water Agencies let the panel covering the status of adjudications. Other panels, including drought management, emerging water quality issues and regional water planning challenges were part of the mix of the 24 conference presentations. 

The Conference keynote presenter was Jim Thebaut, (photo), President and CEO of The Chronicles Group, an environmental planner, journalist, Executive Producer of documentaries, educator, world traveler and and a public policy expert.    Jim recently produced and directed the acclaimed documentary video, narrated by actress Jane Seymour, “American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?”  which was shown at the conference. In his keynote presentation he included background to why and how the documentary was made and outlined his perspectives on the water crisis in Southern California in the context of regional and international water issues.