NEWS – January 2015 – Teacher Training – Austin, Texas


Texas Region 13 Education Service Center and the Texas Water Development Board cooperated with the American Ground Water Trust to organize a training in program for Austin area teachers (January 2015). The program included a visit to Austin’s Barton Springs. The perennial spring flow from the Edwards Aquifer not only provided vital water supply in Austin’s early years but is also home to two species of salamander on the federal endangered species list.  The field trip included presentations by Adrienne Clark, Culture & Arts Instructor, Beverly S. Sheffield Education Center, and Clark Hancock, Exhibits and Collections Coordinator for the Austin Nature and Science Center. The teachers heard explanations of the geological origin of the springs, the efforts to protect the salamander and the great opportunities for school visits to the educational exhibit “Slash into the Edwards Aquifer.”  For more information visit the “Splash” web-site -

            The Austin teacher training program on water included expert presenters Andrea Croskrey, Hydrologist, Innovative Water Technologies, Texas Water Development Board; Mindy Conyers, Water Science and Conservation, Texas Water Development Board; Marilyn Czimer Long, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Superfund Section; Leslie Savage, Chief Geologist, Oil & Gas Division, Railroad Commission of Texas; Suzanne Pierce, Research Assistant Professor, Environmental Science Institute, Jackson School of Geosciences and Assistant Director, Digital Media Collaboratory, Center for Agile Technology, The University of Texas at Austin and Shawna Wiebusch, Education Specialist: Secondary Science, Region 13 Education Science Center.