NEWS – March 2014 – All about Pumps, Salt Lake City, UT

Groundwater is an important source of supply in Utah. Maintaining water wells and pumps at maximum efficiency is a challenging task for utility managers and operators.  Just a small percentage increase in well and pump efficiency can lead to big reductions in energy use and cost. The American Ground Water Trust workshop program on “Wells and Pumps” held in Salt Lake City provided a training opportunity on the latest technologies and operating best practices.  The program was attended by a range of groundwater consultants, regulators, water providers and end users. Utah is a mining state, and dewatering of mines is often a critical aspect of mining operations.  Effective water well design and the selection and maintenance of high yield pumps can have a big impact on optimizing efficiency and reducing the energy costs for dewatering.  Less electricity used for pumping means less electrical demand from the grid and when calculated nationally, means less water use by the nation’s power generation industry.