NEWS – March 2015 – Well & Pump Workshop, Valdosta, Georgia


Valdosta in Southern Georgia was the venue for a one-day program for well owners, water operators and groundwater professionals.  As with all the AGWT’s workshops, the focus was on practical, cost-effective solutions that work.  The presenters shared their expertise and used case study examples to show how to maximize yields and minimize pumping costs on existing wells.  For new wells, the workshop emphasis was on ensuring correct design, construction, pump selection and maintenance.  The lessons learned from the workshop should enable groundwater users and operators to increase yield, reduce energy costs and prolong well life.

The workshop content, delivered by a team of volunteer water well and pump experts included:

~ Hydraulics of water flow through rock fractures, screens, well bores and pumps
~ Well design: selection of screens, gravel pack, optimum pumping rates
~ Drilling methods to obtain maximum yield from aquifers
~ Chemical, microbiological and physical reasons for well problems
~ How to diagnose well yield declines - redevelopment / rehabilitation techniques
~ Practical approaches to managing wells as an asset
~ Cost savings for rapid “pump-in, pump-out” during maintenance or rehabilitation
~ Water industry and agricultural applications of VFD controlled pumps
~ Adding “intelligence” to pump system VFD controls to improve efficiency
~ Pump efficiency principles, O & M costs for different types of pump
~ Merits of submersible vs. line-shaft for high yield wells
~ Pump replacement criteria, $ return on upgrading motor or bowls

The presentation team for the program was:
David Kill, P.E. Training Consultant, Xylem Goulds Water Technology, St. Paul, MN
Neil Mansuy, VP, Subsurface Technologies, Kansas City, MO
Bob Baker, Account Manager, Layne, Pensacola, FL
Tanner Tryon, General Manager, Hose Solutions, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ
Kevin McGinnis, President, Cotey Chemicals, Lubbock, TX
Dan Peters, Applications Engineer, Yaskawa America, Inc., Cypress CA