NEWS – May 2014 – Groundwater Law Conference Los Angeles, California

The photograph shows three of the forty attorneys who presented at the American Ground Water Trust’s “Groundwater Law Conference” held  in Los Angeles, CA (May 20-21). Gene Tanaka (Best Best & Krieger); Charles Correll (King & Spalding) and Giulia Good Stefani (Natural Resources Defense Council), spoke on the panel that discussed ongoing litigation associated with hydraulic fracturing and the typical positions taken by private parties, water utilities, state government, environmental groups and the oil & gas industry regarding energy development and water demand.

This two-day AGWT Groundwater Law program provided a comprehensive update on the impact of court decisions and legislation on the use and management of California’s water resources. Twelve panels of lawyers, water managers and regulators discussed the latest legal developments in water resources, water rights, water quality, and groundwater contamination. The conference subject- matter included groundwater basin management and adjudication, water allocation in drought conditions, and the status of industrial pollutant clean-up from a range of chemicals and compounds.