NEWS – May 2014 – Water Technology Conference, Fresno, California

Central Valley Groundwater Issues
The American Ground Water Trust partnered with the  International Center for Water Technology by convening the groundwater session for the bi-annual Water Technology Conference in Fresno, California (May 8th) that was attended by over 250 water and agricultural specialists from throughout the Central Valley. The groundwater session included eight presentations:
~ Central Valley Groundwater: The Impact of Drought - Dane Mathis, California Department of Water Resources, Sacramento, CA
~ The Role of Groundwater Computer Modeling in Optimizing Well Production in Times of Drought - Dave Bean, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Fresno, CA
~ New Water: Treatment of Produced Water for Surface Discharge and Beneficial Use - Lnsp (Naggs) Nagghappan, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, Brea, CA
~ The Information a Water Well Contractor Needs in Order to Decide Whether to Deepen, Rehabilitate or Drill New - Tim Oman, Layne Christensen, Santa Paula, CA
~ Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources - Andrew Stone, American Ground Water Trust, Concord, NH
~ Case Study of Rehabilitating A “Dead” Agricultural Well - Todd R. Eden, HERCCHEMTECH, Scottsdale, AZ
~ Central Valley Water Well Rehabilitation: Welljet, Kaweah Pump & Giacomazzi Farms - Charles Carner, WellJet, Camarillo, CA
~ How Variable Speed Drives for Pump Motors Improve Groundwater Management Efficiency - Vahan Bagdasarian, Grundfos Pumps, Fresno, CA

As part of the conference plenary session, Andrew Stone (American Ground Water Trust) made a presentation on “The Limitations of Groundwater as a Cushion Against Drought Impacts” during which he noted that over the last 100 years, irrigation pumping in the Central Valley had led to 150 cubic kilometers of groundwater depletion!