NEWS – May 2015 – Source Water Protection, Concord, New Hampshire


Each year in the spring, the American Ground Water Trust teams up with the State of New Hampshire, Department of Environmental Services to organize the Source Water Protection Conference.  Year after year more than 200 end-users, town officials, utility operators, regulators, legislators and water professionals gather in Concord, NH to share information and experiences that can help individuals and communities protect the integrity of their water supply sources.  The state has over 200,000 homes supplied from individual on-site wells and for them; education is the most important weapon to keep the supply safe.

            Particular concerns for New Hampshire are the potential for arsenic and radon to be present in water from bedrock wells. Testing is the most important first step and if present, both arsenic and radon can be treated so drinking water can be safe. The format of the one-day program is for a morning of plenary sessions and then a series of afternoon workshops. Typically the workshops are organized in four tracks: Surface water, Groundwater, Community based Source Water Protection and Best Management Practices.  The workshop sessions are usually presented by local people whose professional work involves land-use zoning, treatment technologies, preparation of local ordinances and the design and operation of water supply systems. 


Sponsoring and Exhibiting Companies and Organizations:
Capital Well Co, Inc., Dumbarton, NH
DuBois & King, Inc., Laconia, NH
Eastern Analytical Lab, Inc., Concord, NH
GEOINSIGHT, Inc., Manchester, NH
Granite State Rural Water Association, Keene, NH
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc., Bedford, NH
Hydroterra Environmental Services, LLC, Dover, NH
Loureiro Engineering Associates, Inc., Manchester, NH
Nobis Engineering, Inc., Concord, NH  03301
Normandeau Associates, Inc., Bedford, NH
Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc., Concord, NH
TRC Environmental Corporation, Manchester, NH
Truslow Resource Consulting, LLC, Portsmouth, NH
US Departmet of Agriculture – NRCS, Durham, NH
Utility Service Co, Inc., Perry, GA