NEWS – October 2014 – Geothermal Workshop, Leominster, Massachusetts


The American Ground Water Trust partnered with the New England Geothermal Professional Association (NEGPA) to present this geothermal technology workshop in Massachusetts. NEGPA is a regional non-profit association advocating for the development of Geothermal Systems as a dependable, cost-effective, renewable resource for New England. The “vision” of NEGPA is to be the trusted clearinghouse for accurate, impartial, fact-based information related to Geothermal Systems in New England by providing the focal point for both the public and geothermal professionals. Our goal is to elevate awareness and put geothermal systems on par with the other renewables. 

            The American Ground Water Trust’s first geothermal workshop was held in Leominster back in 2007 and since then over 70 workshop programs have been held nation-wide.  A principal interest of the AGWT in promoting education and awareness about the technology is to stress the importance of correct construction protocols for the bore holes used in closed loop installations.  The AGWT mission is to create awareness of the economic benefits of protecting groundwater for sustainable use.  If bores or wells used principally for heat exchange are not properly sealed and grouted there is a possible risk of connecting good quality aquifers or fracture systems with other groundwater that may be of poorer quality. In some states there is limited regulatory oversight for geothermal drilling.  Geothermal system designers need to be aware of the possible environmental risks of hiring low-bid drilling contractors who might not be familiar with  groundwater protection rules and protocols governing water well construction.