NEWS – October 2016 - AGWT Invited Presenter in South Africa

Staff from 14 US Embassies attended Groundwater Workshop. 

Andrew Stone, AGWT Executive Director, was an invited presenter at a Johannesburg groundwater workshop held for US Embassy staff from Southern African Countries.  Stone was one of the US experts recruited by the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Water Partnership (USWP) who presented a three-day program dealing with water issues faced by southern African countries.  The purpose of American Ground Water Trust involvement was to provide Foreign Service Officers and locally engaged staff from U.S. embassies in the Southern African Development Community (SADAC) region with a basic understanding of groundwater occurrence and water well technology. The long-term objective is to achieve sustainable management of water in SADAC countries. The workshop program included the basics of hydrology, groundwater exploration and development, aquifer storage assessment, drilling and pumping technology, water management governance as well as the implications of changing weather patterns on future water supply availability.