NEWS – September, 2015 – Georgia Ground Source Heating & Cooling Workshop, Atlanta, GA


The AGWT Atlanta workshop program showcased geothermal technology for energy conscious home buyers and commercial property owners considering “green energy” options. The photograph shows Chuck Hammock (Mechanical Engineer) providing explanations about the geothermal system installed in the seasonal cold storage geothermal heat pump system at Campbell Hall, Agnes Scott College, Atlanta.  The program held at the headquarters building of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers and was organized in cooperation with the Atlanta Chapter of ASHRAE. 

“Geothermal heat pump systems are the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly, clean and cost-effective space conditioning systems” - US Environmental Protection Agency

Presenters included:
Paul McCarty, Mechanical Engineer, US Army Engineering and Support Center, Huntsville, AL
Brandon Caves, Commissioning & Test /Balance Supervisor, Andrews, Hammock & Powell, Inc., Macon, GA
Dustin Gregoire, Bosch Thermotechnology Corp., Dallas, TX 
Keith Swilley, Marketing Manager, Gulf Power Company, Pensacola FL
Mark Whittle, Senior Field Services Technical Representative, Baroid IDP, Lexington, SC
Chuck Hammock, Partner, Andrews, Hammock & Powell, Inc., Macon, GA
Paul Bony, Director of Renewables and Contractor Development, Electric and Gas Industry Association, Sacramento, CA
Deborah Fritz, Senior Associate, Lord Aeck Sargent (Architects), Atlanta, GA 
Dr Xiaobing Liu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,  Oak Ridge, TN
Susan Kidd, Director of Sustainability, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, GA