NEWS – September 2016 – Western Vermont Real Estate Professional go to “Groundwater School” – Middlebury, VT

The September workshop in Middlebury was one of four education workshop programs sponsored this year by the Vermont Realtor™ Association.  The program was held in the Middlebury Ilsley Library.
  The New England States of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are the three top states with the highest percentage of their citizens dependent on private wells for water supply. Because private wells fall below the radar of most water supply regulations it is important for the owners of residential properties with wells to understand the benefits and responsibilities of owning their own water supply system.  The American Ground Water Trust’s workshop program on residential water supply is designed to show real estate professionals the key points about properly designed and maintained water well supply systems.  What to test for in water quality and what equipment is available to effectively treat any problems are important parts of the workshop program.  The time of purchasing a home provides a great “teachable moment” opportunity for providing information about groundwater protection and water well system maintenance.