NEWS - February 2016 – Everything Aquifers and Groundwater Management, Ontario, California

Ontario, California was the location for the Association of Ground Water Agencies and the American Ground Water Trust annual California conference.  The event was held in cooperation with the Groundwater Resources Association and the California Groundwater Coalition.




 The first AGWA/AGWT joint conference was held in Ontario, CA in 2000. Since then, this annual program has provided an important information  exchange and networking opportunity for California’s water agencies,  utilities and water districts, and for all water professionals (scientific, engineering, managerial, legal, environmental, regulatory), end-users of water, and local and state elected officials involved with water policy issues. The focus of every program has been on current groundwater management issues in California. 

Presenters for the 2016 conference included: 
Rich Atwater, Executive Director, Southern California Water Committee, Los Angeles, CA
Debra Man, Assistant General Manager and COO for the Metropolitan Water District, Los Angeles, CA
Ken Manning, Executive Director, San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority, West Covina, CA
Jackson R. Gualco, President, The Gualco Group, Inc., Sacramento, CA
Hal Furman, Managing Director, The Furman Group, La Jolla, CA
Tony Morgan, Deputy General Manager, United Water Conservation District, Santa Paula, CA
Bryan Bondy, Groundwater Manager, Calleguas Municipal Water District, Thousand Oaks, CA
Gordon Kimball, Managing Partner, Kimball Ranches, Santa Paula, CA
Matthew Fienup, Economist, California Lutheran University, Center for Economic Research & Forecasting, Thousand Oaks, CA
Jeff Barry, Principal Hydrogeologist, GSI Water Solutions, Santa Barbara, CA
Ted Johnson, Groundwater Manager, Water Replenishment District of Southern California, Lakewood, CA
Sally McCraven, Principal Hydrogeologist, Todd Groundwater, Alameda, CA
Scott Fendorf, Professor, Earth System Science, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
David Jordan, Vice President, INTERA, Albuquerque, NM
Jan M. H. Hendrickx, Professor of Hydrology, Department of Earth & Environmental Science, New Mexico Tech, Socorro, NM
Alan Flint, Research Hydrologist, USGS Pacific Region, Sacramento, CA
Derrik Williams, President, HydroMetrics, Oakland, CA
Van Kelley, Principal Hydrogeologist, INTERA, Austin, TX
Anthony Brown, CEO, and Principal Hydrologist, Aquilogic, Costa Mesa, CA
Andy Campbell, Deputy Manager of Planning, Water Resources, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, Chino, CA
Wayne Praskins, Remedial Project Manager, US Environmental Protection Agency, San Francisco, CA 
John Izbicki, Research Hydrologist, USGS Pacific Region, San Diego, CA
William Rowe, Project Manager, California Dep't Toxic Substances Control - Stringfellow Geology Unit, Sacramento, CA, and,
Jim Finegan, Principal Hydrogeologist, Kleinfelder, Riverside, CA
Andrew Stone, Executive Director, American Ground Water Trust, Concord, NH
Kent Madison, President, 3RValve LLC, Echo, OR
Vic Kelson, Chief Modeler, Layne Christensen, Bloomington, IN
Reymundo Trejo, Assistant General Manager, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, Monrovia, CA 
Scott Slater, CEO and President, Cadiz Inc, Los Angeles, CA