NEWS - June 2016 – Residential Property Transactions, Continuing Education for Real Estate Professionals: Water Wells & Drinking Water, North Conway, NH

  Forty five of the North country’s property transaction professionals took part in a three-hour training   program on private water wells at the North Conway Grand Hotel. The program was presented by the   American Ground Water Trust and sponsored by the White Mountain Board of Realtors.  With 3 out of   5 New Hampshire residents dependent of groundwater it is important at the time of property transfer   for the buyer to know about a home’s water supply system.  The program included background on       the state’s geology, how wells are constructed and how to know if equipment for water treatment 
  may be needed.

  The American Ground Water Trust’s three-hour training program for Realtors has been held            throughout New England and has been approved for Realtor continuing education. Realtor
 Associations wishing to sign-up for a workshop should call 800 423 7748