News - May 2013 – Denver Colorado – Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) and AGWT Education Partnership

John Kelly, GEO’s Special Projects Manager (picture) was the opening speaker at American Ground Water Trust’s Geothermal Heating and Cooling Innovations workshop in Denver this May.  The workshop continues the two year partnership between GEO and AGWT educating professionals in the geothermal heat pump industry about the importance of protecting groundwater quality when installing and operating low temperature geothermal John Kelly of GEOHVAC systems.   Protection begins in the design phase of the project and continues with implementing daily operation and maintenance procedures that ensure that ground water is used efficiently.  Society’s demand for water and energy resources are coming into conflict more and more as the availability and installation of modern water-using appliances and electronic devices become saturated in every home in the developed world and continue rapid expansion into developing countries.  Super-efficient, low-carbon emission geothermal heat pump technology must play a major role in managing our future energy use to meet sustainable outcomes while protecting ground water.  This outcome requires education and the increased awareness that follows from the GEO-AGWT partnership. 

A CD of the presentations (PDF format) offered at the Denver geothermal workshop is available for a small fee that supports the education programs of the American Ground Water Trust.  Send an email to the Trust for more information.