NEWS - September 2015 - Ground Source Heating & Cooling for Business, Commercial and Multiple Occupancy Properties, NYC, NY

The AGWT Manhattan geothermal workshop covered the latest technologies and economic advantages of using the earth’s renewable energy for heating and cooling in densely built up areas. In New York, the Statue of Liberty Visitor Center and St Patrick’s Cathedral are two iconic sites where geothermal has been implemented.  Yes! – you can find places to drill geothermal bores in pavements or even drilling in basements.  One subject discussed at the program was how to make use of the near-constant temperature of the tens of thousands of gallons of water pumped to keep the New York transit Authority train tunnels from flooding.

The workshop was held at the Battery Park location of the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority.

The program was organized in cooperation with the Long Island Geothermal Association.  

Presenters included:
Thomas Abdallah, Chief, Environmental Engineering, MTA New York City Transit, NY
Jack DiEnna, Executive Director, Geothermal National & International Initiative, Washington, DC
Samara Swanston, Legislative Attorney, NYC Council Infrastructure Division, Committee on Environmental Protection, New York, NY
Donovan Gordon, Executive Director, Long Island Long Island Geothermal Energy Organization, Bohemia, NY
John Rhyner, Director of Sustainable Energy, P.W. Grosser Consulting, Bohemia, NY
Jeff Urlab, President, MEP Associates, Eau Claire, WI
Tim Kreukniet, Energy Transition New York, New York, NY
Jay Egg, President, Egg Geothermal, Orlando, FL
Steve Beyers, Energy & Environmental Engineering Section Leader and Olaf Gustafson, Geologist, Cornell Facilities Engineering, Ithaca, NY
Jeff Quinn, Field Representative, Baroid IDP, Houston, TX
Bob Wyman, Geothermal Consultant, New York, NY