[This article, written by the American Ground Water Trust was originally published in THE AMERICAN WELL OWNER, 1999, Number 3]


Most home water systems have a pressure tank that stores a few gallons water and keeps your home’s water pressure constant. This is what happens when a tap is turned on in your house. ß At first, the water comes from the pressure tank, but as more water is used, the pressure drops until a

pressure switch automatically starts the pump. ß The well pump (either submersible of jet pump) refills storage and creates pressure in the tank. ß If there is a continued need for flow to the shower or laundry, the well pump will continue to run until

the tap is turned off. ß If the need is for only small amounts of water, then the pressure tank can supply a few gallons

(depending on tank size) before the well pump needs to run again.

If you have a pressure tank you might want to turn on your tap and check how many gallons you can run before the pump cuts in. If your pump runs immediately each time a tap is turned on you may need to re- pressurize the tank. If you know what to do this is a quick and simple procedure. If you don’t know, then a well/pump contractor should be able to do it for the price of a service call.

[There are now variable speed water pump systems on the market that can maintain even water pressure even if several water taps are in use at the same time.]

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