Wheels for Education
Ground Water Education since 1986  


  • Do you want to eliminate the time-consuming task of advertising and trying to sell a vehicle or boat yourself?
  • High Mileage?
  • Tired of looking at vehicles sitting on your lawn?
  • Are you moving home and have too many vehicles to deal with?
  • Are fees for boat storage and mooring becoming a burden?

Your unused/ unwanted vehicle is worth cash for support of American Ground Water Trust education programs. All funds raised are used to provide education and training programs dedicated to providing and protecting water resources. Help us help citizens and communities achieve safe dependable and sustainable water supplies.

Donate your cars, trucks, drill rigs, airplanes, and boats. Anything that floats, flies or has wheels will help fund our education programs. By giving a vehicle to the "Wheels for Education" program, you will likely benefit from a tax deduction comparable to the dollar amount you might obtain from a private sale (Consult your accountant).

Just call 1-866-332-1778 to donate your vehicle to the American Ground Water Trust's "Wheels for Education" program. Trained staff will walk you through the simple process of title transfer, and once the paperwork is complete, they will arrange for your vehicle to be picked up at no cost to you.

School Partnership Opportunity: PTA's and PTO's interested in our Vehicle Donation School-Partnership in order to raise funds for your school are encouraged to contact the Trust for more information at 800-423-7748 or email us. This will be the easiest fundraiser you'll ever put in place!

Businesses with Excess Inventory: If your business has excess inventory of any kind, please give us a call as we may be able to arrange for their removal with tax advantages to your company.

Contact the trust at 800-423-7748 or email us.


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