NEWS - March 2012 - Fitchburg, Massachusetts – New England Water Well Expo

AGWT staffer Brianna (pictured in our display booth) attended the annual New England gathering of contractors, suppliers and manufacturers from the water well industry. On-site water wells for homes are of great importance in the northeast as are groundwater based water supply systems for thousands of communities and towns.  The annual NEWWA meeting provides a great opportunity for contractors to find out the latest product informatioin from water system and water well equipment manufacturers and to attend workshops and training seminars. The AGWT presenterd a seminar on “fracking” that explained the important differences between the hydrofracture of water wells and the hydraulicfracture process used by the shale-gas industry.  With potential shale-gas basins now identified in central Massachusetts maybe it won’t be too long before the energy industry takes an interest in exploring for New England’s shale-gas?