NEWS - August 2012 - Raleigh, North Carolina - Shale-gas Conference


Shale-gas potential has been recently identified by the US Geological Survey for geologic basins of Triassic age in North Carolina.  Ted Feitshans, (Extension Associate Professor, NC State University, Raleigh, NC) was one of 20 presenters speaking at the American Ground Water Trust Shale-gas conference.  The event was organized in partnership with the Carolinas Section of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists and was attended by 180 people who gathered in Raleigh over two days to find out:


~ What North Carolina can learn from shale-gas development in other states.
~ How public understanding of the technology is framing NC opinion and policy.
~ What the economic and environmental impact could be if shale-gas potential is fully developed in NC.

The program provided a balanced information-exchange opportunity among the energy industry, the water industry and citizens and communities with an interest in the economic potential of shale-gas development and the long-term environmental sustainability of water sources and water-dependent ecosystems.