NEWS - April 2012 - Salt Lake City, Utah – Geothermal Forum

Jim Goddard, Well Program Manager, Utah Division of Water Rights, Salt Lake City, UT, was a presenter at the one-day program in SLC on geothermal technology.  The SLC event was one of ten such events scheduled around the country this year by the American Ground Water Trust. Ground source heating and cooling is recognized by the EPA as “the most energy-efficient, environmentally clean, and cost-effective space-conditioning system”. The AGWT supports geothermal technology and our education programs emphasize the importance of correct design and installation practices. Geothermal loops use the constant sub-surface ground temperatures as a heat source during the winter and a heat sink during the summer. Heat pumps draw thermal energy from the ground during the winter to heat buildings, and reject heat from buildings back into the ground in summer.