NEWS - May 2012 - Fresno, California – Water Technology Conference

This road-side message in California’s Central Valley near Fresno is a clear statement about the crucial role of irrigation water to ensure the nation’s food supply!  At a Fresno conference in March which had a specific focus on irrigation, the American Ground Water Trust convened the Groundwater Session.  The conference was organized by the International Center for Water Technology and was held in Fresno, CA.

Presentations at the AGWT groundwater session included:

  • Aquifer Recharge, Storage and Recovery for Agriculture
  • Aquifer Recharge for Agriculture: Success Story from Oregon
  • The Cadiz Project: Mojave Desert Groundwater for Southern California
  • Designing Wells to Optimize Performance and Efficiency
  • A Biotechnology Approach for Low Cost Nitrate Degradation in Water.
  • Status of Groundwater Monitoring and Well Log Data in California

Details of all the conference presentations are listed at .